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Majestic View of Mt. Kulis, Noah's Ark and Spider Web Hanging Bridge

Include Mt. Kulis to your must visit place in Tanay, Rizal this year. It's majestic and breath taking panorama that will truly make you feel free from everything, even with the Covid-19 pandemic. It's also the most recommended for your first hiking experience to the fact that this is the EASIEST MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB AT RIZAL.

But as a new normal which could last until the day a Covid-19 vaccine and cure become available, tourism office is strictly implemented a social distancing and wearing of mask and other personal protective equipment.

Mt. Kulis is also known as the Fresno Agro Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite. A place that serve as shelter for Vendetta and president Hidalgo when they are over throw from Sto. Niño by Renato Hipolito-backed terrorist group Kamandag and Don Emilio Syquia who has reemerged from hiding by the name Señor Gustavo Torralba in TV series "Ang Probinsyano" season 6.

Bahay kubo on top of the Mt. Kulis photograph from afar. 
If I am not mistaken, this place is also the final resting place of President's eldest daugther Aubrey Hidalgo and a second honeymoon for Ricardo "Cardo" Dalisay and Alyana R. Arevalo-Dalisay.

Fresno Agro Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite is located in Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay (Laiban) Mt. Kulis, Tanay, Rizal.

Noah's Ark and Spider Web Hanging Bridge in Tanay, Rizal

Aside from majestic panoramic view of Mt. Kulis and the comfort shelter of "Bahay ni Cardo", the Spider Web Hanging Bridge and Noah's Ark is a newest and trending attraction today. Imagine traversing on a dancing bridge with the wind blows above all those towering trees down below, exciting isn't it!

Spider Web Hanging Bridge
Are you afraid of heights? How about a moving bridge, would you like to take a chance on yourself with a new all time high of excitement and experience a never before attraction. Then here at the Fresno Agro Forestry & Eco Tourist Campsite is a perfect place for all of that. Visit and traverse on Spider Web Hanging Bridge while witnessing the lush beauty of Nature.

Noah's Ark in Tanay, Rizal
For the best experience, visiting Noah's Ark before dawn is highly recommended for you to witness the magnificent beauty of fog that covered the whole area. Feeling like your boating above clouds. This one here is taken at noon time, no fog and no excitement but still the greens are great stress reliever. But the photo below, will surely takes your breath away.

Mt. Kulis and Noah's Ark with Team Bakas Ph
This photo was provided by Jolit's of team bakas ph to All the rights to use of this photo is reserved to

This is how the Noah's Ark look like every morning. (Not my expectation which is a huge wooden boat filled with different animals at the top of the mountain but instead it's a little colorful Banca). Thick fog cloud covered most of the land mass and mountains. The feeling of excitement is truly priceless.

How to go Mt. Kulis and Noah's Ark?

For those who prefer to bring there car, you can also use Waze or Google Map to locate the direction going to Fresno Agro Forestry & Ecotourist Campsite. Landmark along Marilaque Hi-way is Pico de Pino restaurant. You can also ask tricycle drivers and by standers where is Maysawa.   

While for tourist who prefer to commute, there are two different options for you. Please refer below options;

First Option: Starmall Shaw
At Starmall Shaw take van to Tanay drop off (Jollibee). Then hire a tricycle to Maysawa (5 person per tricycle) ask the driver to drop you off to Fresno Agro Forestry just few meters away next to Treasure Mountain's gate.

Second Option: Cubao Grand Terminal
At Cubao take jeep or van bound to Cogeo (gate 2). From Cogeo gate 2 look for the jeepneys going to Sampaloc (beside City Mall) then tell the driver to drop you off to Maysawa.

From Maysawa, hire a tricycle and ask the driver to drop you off to Fresno Agro Forestry just few meters away next to Treasure Mountain's gate.

Updated as of May 19, 2020 three days after the whole Metro Manila is place under MECQ and the whole Rizal province at GCQ.  But still tourist industry of Rizal is prohibited to operate at the moment until further notice.

Tinipak river and rock formation: Must visit place before it's gone!

This beautiful river and rock formation will very soon out of your sight, submerged and become a part of Kaliwa Dam. Therefore, while there is a time, paying a visit to tinipak river and it's beautiful rock formation is highly recommended.

Tinipak river is know to be the best camping spot close to the Metrocity. The rock formation is a result of the dissolution of limestone over the millennia. Situated at the foot of Mt. Daraitan in Tanay province of Rizal.

The only things this place will offer was a spectacular river sight with turquoise water floored with magnifecient limestone rocks. The torrent of a flowing water bump against the rock was the only sound you heard.

On the other hand, the dark hollowed caves of centuries may offer the view of an old stalagmite and stalactite formation. While the time has pass a beautiful orange hue painting in the sky over the luscious trees of Mt. Mamara is the sun's way to say thank you and goodbye. 

Tinipak River was such a wonderful place to traverse going up and down the Mt. Daraitan and a perfect place for summer and post summer escapade to enjoy the panoramic view of lush greenery, Sierra Madre mountain range, and bonding with nature.

Tinipak river rock formation Gallery:

Going to the place is very challenging especially with beginers. The road is rough and bumpy when entering the vicinity of Brgy. Daraitan.

Calinawan Cave and Calinawan River: Extreme adventurer must visit place near Metro Manila!

Calinawan cave is one of the most interesting, promising and history rich destination near Metro Manila. A serene place that situated at Rawang Hills, Brgy. Tandang Kutyo, Tanay in the province of Rizal. 

During the Spanish Colonial Era from 1521 to 1898, Calinawan Cave became a shelter of the Katipuneros where they made a plot against the Spanish forces. It also serve as a headquarters of the second military area of the Philippine Revolutionary Government under General Emilio Aguinaldo who fought valiantly during the Revolution against Spain

During the World War 2, the cave was served as the Guerrilla base for 'Marking's Fil-American Guerrillas when the Philippines fell to the hands of the Japanese from 1942 to 1945.

Today, it was vandalized by a local and foreign movie and television directors and producers. They filming scenes of fantasy shows and decorating the cave with some crystal effect resulting to the glitters on the cave walls left behind.

Exploring the entire cave will take half an hour or more. Passing through narrow passages and ducking for low ceilings with a dark claustrophobic corridor will surely make everyone's journey to Calinawan Cave more adventurous. The temperature under the cave is cold, it feels like you are inside an air-conditioned room. While roaming around the cave you'll get amazed with the formations of stalactites and stalagmites. And the interesting fact was a dripping of stalactites will take a hundred years before it will form as stalagmites.

The adventure of being in the cave is very extreme and its very much recommended for thrill and fun seekers. The tour guide said it used to be connected to Angono and Antipolo. It serve as the subway system during the war. Rumors also said that there are buried treasures in the area, maybe the Yamashita Treasure! And is privately owned.

Nearby, there are small store that sells some sandwiches, beverages and biscuits.

And while you in the area, do not forget to take a look and dip at Calinawan River! It posses a pristine water.

Calinawan Cave Photo Gallery:

A photo of stalactites that been vandalized by movie and TV directors with glitters.

Inside the cave with sharp edge rock formation.

A photo of interesting rock formation near the cave opening.

These crystals are un-natural, it is a result of fantasy shot on the area. The producers seems do not care about the natural beauty of the area.


The frozen mist, a prof that inside the cave was so cold. However, according to our tour guide, during rainy season inside, they experience a high humidity and it cause by the evaporating water on the lower layer.

A beautiful photo of stalactites that form hundreds of years ago.

To the cave opening from inside out.

Cave opening from the outside.

A photo of a bat resting on the cave ceiling near stalactites. They make a spooky noise when you pass by. And a strong smell of urine on the bats place.

Calinawan Cave Entrance Fee: 40pesos/head
A. Helmet
B. Environmental Fee
Tourguide Fee: 200 Php (1 tourguide per 10 pax)

How to get on Calinawan Cave?

From EDSA Shaw Starmall take a van going to Tanay.
Drop off Point Tanay Market.
From Tanay Public Market, travel by tricycle going to Calinawan Cave.

While for private transport vehicle, for the direction, put your GPS on work and follow the blue trail on your screen. Use Google map and you never lost.

Where is Calinawan Cave?

Calinawan cave is located at Rawang Hills, Brgy. Tandang Kutyo, Tanay in the province of Rizal.

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