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Minalungao National Park Adventure for Kids

Minalungao National Park Entrance

If you think your child is born to travel and has passion for great adventures. Curious mind and love to discover new places. Then Minalungao National Park is a good start.

You want to take your kids on an unforgettable adventure in one of our spectacular national parks—but which one?

Minalungao National Park Canyon
My kids and I have been amazed at beauty of nature, the intricacies of the green meadow and the details of blue-green mountains. Simple weekend local travel are a good place to start.

Dawn Travel to Minalungao National Park

Last week we visited Minalungao National Park located at General Tinio, Nueva Ecija. It is one of the few preserved natural ecosystem in Region III.

Minalungao National Park

By the virtue of Republic Act No. 5100 enacted on 1967, it was declared as a protected area. Minalungao National Park is known for its clear flowing river high limestone walls and towering rock formation.

Travel Guide to get in Minalungao National Park

Drive a car going to Bucana, Gapan City. When you reached Gapan City in Nueva Ecija. You can ask locals a way going to Papaya town proper (General Tinio). Once you reach General Tinio municipal hall, ask all the information you need to know in there information desk. Don't hesitate, because they have a very accommodating and friendly staff.

Bus Ride

If you prefer to take a bus, there are buses going to Cabanatuan from Cubao and Pasay. Tell the driver to drop you at Bucana, Gapan City. From Gapan City, you can hire a tricycle going to Minalungao National Park.

Minalungao National Park Fees: 
Entrance Fee: P20.00 per head
Entrance Fee for vehicle: P20.00
Cottage: Floating cottage at 800php – 1500Php good for 8 – 10 person.

Bamboo Rafting: ranges from P100 - 600, depending on the size of bamboo raft.

Swimming (Fresh Water): free

Zipline: P50.00

Trekking: free

Explore different cave: free

Improve your bonding to your little, health and fitness in nature with a fun. It also promote at there young age to love nature.

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