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Caloco Beach of Tinambac: Unexplore beach of Camarines Sur

caloco white sand beach of tinambac camarines sur bicol and sand sculpture

Welcome to the fine white sand beach of Tinambac, Camarines Sur, Bicol. Situated in Brgy.Caloco and operated by the Local government of Tinambac. The beach has a long stretch of fine white sand were you can able set a camp fire and a camping tents for overnight stay. Besides water is pristine and calm perfect place for a swimming and other water adventure.

Then, if in you're travel bucket list includes a fine yellow sand beach and currently you are in Camarines Sur, you might want to try Caloco beach in Tinambac. Situated in Brgy.Caloco, Tinambac, Camarines Sur and owned by LGU Tinambac. The beach has a long stretch of fine yellowish sand were you can set a camp fire and a camping tents.

Caloco beach water is pristine and calm. Perfect place for a swimming and snorkeling. And as of the writings, the beach is yet to be explored. Meaning no cottage and no resort in the area. And a wise choice to bring your own camping tent, and drinking water. Bringing a food is optional. You can buy a fresh catch of seafoods such as fish, crustacean, and squids as low as 50 pesos per pile (a pile is more than 1 kilogram). Buko or coconut fruit is also abundant in the area. 

Fresh seafood such as green grape algae (arusip seaweeds) is best to eat raw. Fish and squid is perfect for a grill. Truly, Caloco beach offer the best food trip experience.

Aside from your tummy is happy, Caloco beach also offer a tranquil moment for your vacation. A lust of green vegetation surrounding the area and the towering coconut trees that offer a natural shade, give you a comfortable feeling while enjoying the cool breeze from the sea.

Aside from these unexploited  white beach of Caloco, Camarines Sur has much more to offer the Islands of Caramoan which dubbed as the best eco-tourism site of the World , San Antonio Beach of Tinambac the unexploited and total wilderness! and Unusual Beach of Bagulatao will truly interest you.

Caloco Beach Gallery:
Preparation of camp fire on the shoreline of Caloco beach. And to the fact that the area has no electricity, this camp fire provide a light during the night to drive away wild animals.

If you wan't to setup a tent on the Caloco view deck, why not! The place is perfect for star gazing during the night.

But most of the campers are setting a tent near the coastline of Caloco. See those folks!

The view of Caloco calm crystal water at noon. Ideal for water activities to fight back the heat. The wave that kissed the shore of the beach brings happiness to ones heart.

Aside from white sand, the shoreline of the beach also comes with the oddly rock formation.

The view of the beach on the dust, where the sun is about to say goodbye.

The beach view during low tide, some sea creature reveals such as the one on these photo.

The oddly rocky formation is also good place to setup a tent. But beware from the snakes, so is not a good choice then!

Take a seat on these rock formation for some rest before going back to the beach for a good swim.

Another set of rock formation on the shoreline as a proof of virgin beach to be discovered by beach goers and entrepreneur soon.

I see tree's of green but no red roses. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

The distant mountain of no name bring back my childhood memory. I like blue-green mountain on may childhood days. My father used to drive me in a place same like this.
The clouds are white above the clear water.

The beautiful view deck in the area who will greet you first. I fall in-love with it!

The white sand of Caloco beach, find as power with some oddly rock. Be careful!

The fine sand of the beach! Never the rock.

A view of greens from beyond and pristine water of the beach. So relaxing!

The beautiful scene of camp fire! It provide light and protection to beach goers. Looks dangerous but lovely.


Option 1
From Naga Northbound Terminal-Caloco Boundary (ride a Siruma Trip, 9:00-9:30 departure time) -120.00 (15 mins. Walking distance to Caloco Elem.)

Option 2
From Naga Northbound Terminal-Tinambac Centro- 58.00
Habal-habal from centro-Caloco Elem. (25km. Away)- 250.00/ride

Entrance fee: P5.00
Cottage: P350.00 to P500.00
Free to bring your own tent
Bring your own food and beverage

✔Convenient Rest Room
✔Good Water Facilities
✔With Life Guard/security
✔Volleyball Net
✔With Electricity 
✔Good place for overnight stay
✔Safe and sound
✔Local were accomodating

❌No cellphone signal
❌No restaurants

❌No littering

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