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Eleaga Camping Resort and Nature: Resort that literally in the middle of the forest.

Eleaga Camping Resort and Nature is situated in lake Macaduhong at Malabog, Davao City. These nature resort is a best place to relax, chill and appreciate the beauty of wilderness. Ideal for camping, hiking, and swimming on it's cold and pristine water.

Lush greenery surrounds the area. Literally in the middle of the forest. Since the life is in the middle of the forest it takes a little bit to get there but with a 4x4 (that's before, now you can drive your sedan cars with no worries, most of the road is already pave)! Eleaga camping resort and nature has truly been an amazing and memorable experience!

With an affordable rate, incredible surroundings, clean, comfortable, and lovely staff. I greatly recommend this place for you and your family. Activities are rafting, swimming, hiking, some fishing and more selfie's or groupies.

Travel Guide on how to get there:

  • Some part of the road going to this place is unpaved but passable for sedan cars.
  • From the heart of the city just drive directly to MACADUHONG, MALABOG.

Eleaga Camping Resort and Nature Gallery:

Other information:
Entrance fee 
  • Adult = 20 pesos
  • Children = 10 pesos

Overnight camping
  • Adult = 80 pesos
  • Children = 50 pesos

  • Bamboo Raft 60 pesos / 2 hours
  • Rubber boat 200 pesos / hour
  • Tent 200 pesos / day
  • Table 50
Contact numbers:
  • 0912-8889387
  • 0908-5656931
Photo's and other information is courtesy by: Eleaga Camping Resort and Nature

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