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Green Forest Resort Capas: Insanely affordable getaway in Tarlac

Green Forest Resort is not you're dream wave pool resort but still a perfect getaway this hot summer with family and friends. Kiddo's will not enjoying the place due to lack of kiddie pool amenities such as slides and the like. Situated Brgy Cutcut, Capas, in the province of Tarlac.  Capas is dubbed as the “Tourism Capital of Tarlac”, a first class and highly urbanized municipality in the province. 

The Green Vegetation
The resort is surrounded by towering palm trees and other flora that provides a natural shade. Truly, the place is calming and relaxing. However, aside from enjoying the view of green vegetation, pristine water and fresh air, no other activities you can do.  

Green Forest Resort Villa
If you're looking for a place to take you're family this hot summer in Capas, then green forest resort is one of the perfect choice. Affordable and easy to access.

The Room
The room is clean and fresh, no strong smell of laundry agent on it's bed sheet. Air conditioning unit also gives a comfortable night sleep. 

The Dining Area

The Living Room
Living room comes with sofa and glass wine table. It's perfect to lean your exhausted back.

The Comfort Room
The bath area is comes with a regular shower and no issue. Shower is working.

Green Forest Resort Capas Gallery

The below photo's will describe the place better base on your opinion. 

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