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Pink Sand Beach of Sta Cruz Island: A touch of a stingless jellyfish

The pink sand beach of the Philippines is situated in great Sta. Cruz Island of Zamboanga City. Dubbed as a best beach in the World. Unlike most of the island beach in the country, the cellphone signal here is good.

Travel by boat is just 20 minutes from Paseo del Mar and lead by an armed military escort.

Aside from the military escort, the area also under the watch of coastguard and navy.

The pink island beach is worth going to because of its fine pink sand, relaxing view, warm and pristine water.

The pink color came from a billion pieces of powdered red organ pipe coral. However, it's not quite good for swimming because of the dead corals - hurts your feet when you step on them.

Adjacent to the beach is a lagoon where you can a mangroves that home to a sting-less jellyfish. 

Also, an old Badjao burial lies near the beach shoreline.

Don't expect much on the island such as a fresh water shower and air condition hotel room. But there's some hut and cottage to provide comfortable shades to the patron. It's a wise choice to bring your own water, sunblock, and tents. Bringing a food is optional. You can buy a fresh catch of seafood from the local at very reasonable price. 

The visitors to the island is regulated, and advance arrangements should be made through the tourist office in Zamboanga.

Sta Cruz Island is also a home to a hundred families who is in need to basic necessity such as fresh water and medicine.

Pink Sand Beach of Sta Cruz Island Gallery:
Old Bajao cemetery lies near the shore. Sta Cruz Island also dubbed "The Spooky Island"

The remains of the red organ pipe coral.

The mangrove adjacent to the pink sand beach and a home to thousand of sting-less jelly fish, star fish and sea anemone.

The shoreline of a pink beach!

The tide kisses pink sand!

Powdered or fragments of the died red organ pipe coral mixed to the sand and blush a color pink.

Pink sand and pristine water of  Sta Cruz Island.

Score of sting-less jellyfish.

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