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Top 10 lake in Laguna that is worth for visit

Lake Pandin
Lake Pandin, is situated in Barangay San Lorenzo City of San Pablo in the province of Laguna. Pandin is one of the seven lakes of San Pablo. The pristine lake has total surface area of approximate 20 hectares and an average depth of 207 feet. Scenery is very peaceful and relaxing. Activities are bamboo rafting, swimming and trekking around the lake. 

Lake Sampaloc

The largest lake among the Seven Lakes of San Pablo. Scenery is calming and beautiful perfect for selfies, but not suitable for swimming, untreated water spilling into it and fishpens, small cottages built on stilts. You can rent a bike instead and tour around the lake. The place is also a perfect picnic area thanks to it's landscaped and under the shade of the tree.

Laguna de Bay

The second largest lake in Southeast Asia, covering 98,000 hectares and situated at the heart of the CALABARZON. Laguna de Bay is dead lake, high in pollution, commercial fish pen scattered around. The natural ecosystem of flora and fauna is long gone. But still, overlooking the lake brings relaxing feeling.  

Lake Bunot
Lake Bunot is the smallest lake among the seven lakes situated in Brgy. Concepcion with a total surface area of 30.5 hectares and maximum depth of 75 ft. However, there is no way to see it now. Residents crowded around it shoreline and start pollute and destroy this wonderful gift of nature.

Lake Palakpakin
Palakpakin Lake is famous for it's krill that go so well with green mangoes when it become bagoong. The lake is charming and peaceful. Water is crystal clear perfect for rafting and swimming. Also, a good for taking selfies. Located at Brgy. San Buenaventura with a total surface area of 43 hectares and depth of 25 ft.

Lake Muhikap
Located at Brgy. San Buenaventura. Lake Muhikap is calm that offer a fresh air, and a captivating scenery of mountain view. Truly, your experienced in this place is nothing to compare. The has a total surface area of 14.5 hectares.

Lake Calibato
Lake Calibato offer a relaxing view while resting under the shade of a big Talisay trees that scattered around this lake. Fresh air is coming from the mountain breeze from across the lake. The place is wonderful spot for hiking and taking photo's. The Lake is situated in Brgy. Sto. Angel. It has a total surface area of 42 hectares and depth 443 ft.

Caliraya Lake
Lake Caliraya landscape is unique among the lakes in Laguna. It settle on the mountain top. Resorts are scattered in the area, perfect getaway to enjoy and explore the true beauty of the lake. Resort offer ZipLine, Fishing Area, Restaurants, Hotel Room, and more. The price for each amenities are reasonable.

Lumot Lake
Also know as Sierra Lake is a man-made reservoir. The lake is located in the towns of Cavinti and Lumban in the province of Laguna. This less develop lake is perfect for hiking, and picture taking. It's calm pristine water and cool fresh air coming from the nearby mountain gives off a feeling of relaxing.

Calibato Lake
Calibato Lake is situated in Brgy. Sto. Angel in San Pablo City with a total area of 42 hectares and depth of 443 ft. Water is crystal clear and air is fresh. The Lake is perfect for rafting and hiking around.

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