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Top 5 must visit place in the heart of Metro Manila

Before you plan your itinerary outside Metro Manila, I’ve listed the top 5 must visit parks in Metro Manila.

Fort Santiago Park
The fort is one of the most important historical sites in Manila, and worth to visit. Just like time travel, back on time, the place takes you into the old century where you could feel the injustice of the Spaniard at that time. The prison cell, and fortress. Museum on the other hand displays the full detailed of Dr. Jose Rizal life and a crucial years leading to the liberation of our country and the struggle that took place that time. The place is a combination of old relics, lagoon with blooming hyacinth and fish swam around, bench, trees, and flowering plants. This place is perfect and a must visit. 

Rizal Park
One of the largest urban parks in Asia, situated in the heart of the Metro, adjacent to the old walled city of Intramuros, Rizal or Luneta park is perfect place to just sit at the grass and gazing stars during the night while listening to the music. It's a must visit to especially young children to enrich and further one's understanding of the our culture.

Paco Park
A well maintained garden that nested in the heart of suffocating concrete jungle of Metro Manila.  It's a 'must visit' place with a garden that really provide a nice oasis to those who just want to take away that stressful metrocity life feels. A romantic and peaceful place.

Manila Bay
Manila Bay, no doubt, one of the best place to watch the breathtaking sunrise and sunset. Young children with asthma accompanied by their parents are enjoying the cool breeze from the bay and watching sea waves with the hope of cure. This place is perfect for biking and jogging. 

Manila Ocean Park
The ocean park it's outstanding place for the kids to familiarize marine life. Big fish, as well as small fish displays their rare beauty inside the big aquarium, very impressive! One whole day is not enough to enjoy all the attractions inside the park.

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