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Watermelon Plantation in Pangasinan: Agritourism a future of traveling

As a side trip from Zambales to Tarlac, we drive by to a watermelon plantation somewhere in between Bayambang and Camiling. These humble place house thousand of sweet watermelon fruit waiting for someone to pick.

Watermelon is a long-season crop that easily grow in all tropical and subtropical countries. This fruit is well-know for its sweet juice and flesh. Mostly in the part of Pangasinan, Tarlac, and Pampanga watermelon is abundant during summer season and commonly sold on the road.

Watermelon Farm Gallery:
 Three blue-green ripe watermelon waiting to get pick.

Watermelon in a row.

Scattered melon fruit attached on it's vines.

Say hello to the sweet melon hiding on it's vines.

A view of a wide watermelon garden.

The ball-like blue green fruit still on it's vines

Watermelon farmer home from afar.

Melon display it's beautiful color.

A farmer son go to nowhere.

Lot of melon.

A lone foot in a slipper and a three hidden ripe watermelon.

 Can you find the caterpillar?

How many melon are in these photo?

A lonely melon! Can you find it?

Distant view of a farmers house.

Some green melon laying on the dirt.

A wild farm flowering plants display some beauty.

Look at that cricket! Can you find were is he?

Watermelon are;
  • good for cardiovascular
  • good for the bones
  • help to reduce fat
  • natural diuretic
  • kidney support
  • muscle and nerve support
  • good for hydration
  • help digestion
  • reduce chances of getting cancer
  • good for skin and hair
  • improving eye health
  • immune system support
  • wound healing
  • preventing cell damage.
I think in the future, a new attraction are the farm like this. A farm of fruits, animals, and fishes! It would be called as agriculture tourism,  agritourism, and please help me think. Write down below on the comment area.

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