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Hike to Mt. Ulap a experience of a lifetime

For a first time mountain explorer and hiker, Mt. Pulag is the most popular place in Luzon that offer an experience of a lifetime. The magnificent view of the Cordilleras mountain range can been seen up here the 3rd highest mountain of the Philippines from different angles. Aside from the breathtaking scenery of the gorgeous rolling hills, it also a home to a towering pine trees that provide natural shade during the day and a soothing cool breeze. On your way to the top, if your lucky enough you might meet some wild animals such as wild cows eating on the rich grassland and attacking wild boar.

The trail to the top has three different peaks namely Ambanao Paoay peak, Gungal Rock and the highest peak, Mt. Ulap. 

The 1st peak is a view of wide greenery, beautiful rolling hills, and know for Ambanao Paoay peak. This is also a suitable place to setup a camp if you want to stay for overnight.

The 2nd peak comes with an exceptional formation of gargantuan rock hanging on the edge of the cliff. This checkpoint is know as the Gungal Rock, and I called it a picture taking area.

And finally your on the summit know as Mt. Ulap, there nothing here but a cloud and some more cloud and another cloud. 

The total trek time consume exciting 8-hours hiking. Truly this place is perfectly beautiful and you never regret seeing the magnificient gift of nature. Be sure and it's a wise choice to bring with you the following, sunblock, drinking water that enough for 1 whole day (atleast three liters per person), food, and a first aid kit. Some part of the trail are slippery during ascend and descent so be careful out there! And as a side trip during descend  you might also want to visit the hidden burial cave. This site offer the same scenery with what you will see in Sagada.

Mt Ulap Gallery:

Travel guide to Mt. Ulap:
  • By bus from greater Manila, ride a bus at Cubao station that operate from Manila to Baguio city. 
  • Ride a jeepney in Lakandula Street  going to Brgy. Ampucao.
  • Go to Ampucao Barangay Hall to register and secure a guide.

1. Registration fee = 100 pesos per head
2. Local Guide Fee (1 guide per 7 persons)
Dayhike = 600.00
Overnight Camping = 1,000.00
3. Campsite fee (Overnight Camping for group of 10 persons and below) = 800.00
4. Porter fee (OPTIONAL)
Dayhike = 500.00
Overnight Camping = 800.00

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