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Paguriran Island Beach Resort: Spectacular place of Bicolandia

The quaint town of Bacon possess a unique island and a lagoon of crystal clear water enclosed in a colossal rock formation and a lush mangrove forests. Situated in Brgy. Sawanga, Bacon District, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon, Sorsogon

The appealing beauty of the lagoon start to show when tide goes low. And become a perfect place for snorkeling to meet variety of colorful small fishes and other marine life. It also an ideal place to those who loved extreme ocean adventure. Dare a cliff diving or an underwater cliff snorkeling. However, the only drawback be sure to bring your footwear when you explore the whole island, the rock formation is sharp and can cut thru your flesh.

Adjacent of the islets is a view of Mayon Volcano from afar showing her wonder and is very appealing especially when you were on the top of the cliff and during the sunset. 

Summing up paguriran island beach resort truly a very relaxing place. And not to mentioned the beach was not so deep (is just knee deep high) and posses a fine white sand, perfect children. Actually you can just walk going to the island were the lagoon sits.

For those who wish an overnight stay, there are available cottages and preconditioned nippa huts as your temporary shelter.

A bumpy 14-hours travel from Manila to Sorsogon will be worth with this spectacular place. Yes, it's a must visit place in Bicol area.

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