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Sangab Cave and Underground River, Tanay Rizal

The Tanay town is one of the ideal getaway to mingle with nature. For it's proximity to metrocity, Tanay is a best Tagaytay alternative especially during weekend. Like in Tagaytay, it also posses a refreshing mountain scenery, and cooler climate. And Sangab Cave is only one among many tourist destination in Tanay.

Situated at Brgy. Sta. Ines in the town of Tanay, province of Rizal, just near the road. What makes this cave a unique among other is the entrance submerge under water. Perfect hide out during zombie apocalyse in the Philippines. Ok, enough for the zombie thing.

Sangab Cave posses a centuries old stalagmite and stalactite formation and underground river! Water is clear and cold, perfect for a swim. Aside from some water activity this place also perfect for a camping. You can set a tent adjacent to the cave. This place is also a rich biodiversity of wild animals, insects, birds, and plants, so it's a wise choice to bring something that can protect you from harm especially at night. 

During the night, the place was really peaceful and the weather is really cold. In the morning a happily chirping birds will wake you and the beautiful streak of fog hovered across the valley will greet you. 

Sangab Cave and Base Camp at San Address:

Sangab Cave and Underground River Gallery:

Photo Taken Inside the Sangab Cave:

Base on the beautiful photo of Sangab Cave and lush greenery, what can you say about this place. Write your comment below and don't forget to share this Tanay wonder with your friends.

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