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Scene of Philippine Country Side: Free travel

This beautiful rice field and rolling mountain is situated in countryside somewhere in the province of Pangasinan. The lush greenery  of the rolling mountain give you a feeling of freedom, while the cool breez and the smell of the new mown hay will let your soul fly over those green fields, trees, and mountains. With this photo, it prove that the Philippine is the wealthiest country. It's countryside posses own natural beauty and traveling in the Philippines is free.

This stunning green and yellow paddy fields, gave me a feeling of freedom, I forget things bordering me and relieve my stress. It's restarts me! All of my childhood memories came back in rush and so vivid. It's like all have happen just yesterday. Those memories build me as who I am. I now clearly see the future, the right path for me, and what is my interest. I now vividly see the purpose of my existence. 

This place reminds me to enjoy life to the fullest, it's to short to waste and teach me something new. Like the rice in the field, it just yesterday they're all green and lively but now, on the twilight of there life, they're turn to gold.

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