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Villa Colmenar Natural Spring Resort: Rare confrontation with nature and bricks

With the tropical trees and natural spring water combo, villa colmenar natural spring resort offers a rare confrontation with nature and bricks in it's most simple way.

The place is beautiful and photogenic with a theme of a cruise ship. Swimming pools are all clean with "I think has relatively low of chlorine mixture". And it was shaded with hundreds of umbrella on the time of our visit. 

Unlike from other resort villa colmenar natural spring resort comes with a lifeguard on standby on each pool and a friendly staff.

Aside from clean cool water and beautiful ambience, the resort also comes with a slides and a depht that is suitable for diving. Truly, villa colmenar natural spring resort is your must visit place.

The resort also offer a free aqua zumba every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 a.m. So wear your best summer attire and let the party takes you!

Villa Colmenar Natural Spring Resort Gallery:

Travel Guide on how to get there?
  • From Coastal Mall, ride a bus going to Indang 
  • Drop off point Indang town (last stop) 
  • Ride a jeepney on terminal going to Alfonso 
  • Drop off point Villa Colnenar resort 
  • Or hire a tricycle going to the resort.
Contact number for reservations

Entrance Fee, Cottage and Room Rates
Cottage = Php 300.00

Room Rates (12 Hrs)
Aircondition Room = Php 1000.00
Ordinary Room = Php 800.00

Daytime Entrance Fee 
Adult = Php 120.00
Child = Php 100.00

Overnight Entrance Fee 
Adult = Php 130.00
Child = Php 110.00

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