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White Pebble Beach Resort: Dolphin Haven of Cam Sur

If your looking for an unusual beach in Cam Sur, then Bagulatao beaches would it be.Situated in Brgy. Bagolatao, Minalabac, Camarines Sur.  And among many beach resort lies in Bagulatao coastline, only the white pebble beach resort offers a complete amenities to beach goers.

They have a shower area of fresh water, comfort rooms, cooking area, cottages, and rooms for over night. However, public shower and comfort rooms needs some more improvements. 

White Pebble Beach Resort also known as Bagulatao beach resort offer some strange and unusual experience to beach goers.

It's shoreline is filled with a pebble stone and no fine sand. And for the meditation activity, a pebble is chosen to represent four things in nature: a flower, a mountain, water, and space. Each natural item represents feelings and thoughts that one may want to channel during meditation and by holding the pebble. 

Aside from meditation stuff, the place is also rich in marine biodiversity and the landmass behind is covered with a lavish view of green vegetation rich in natural flora and fauna. The water is pristine and calm, perfect to spend some tranquil moment with family. 

It's calm water is ideal for floating on your back which I loved the most in this place! And floating in the water, truly a great way to enjoy the beach and  get more comfortable in the water to relax. And if your lucky enough, dolphin's will surface a greet you!

However, when the night has come its better for you to leave the water and lay down on the shoreline to gaze the stars above and feel the cool breeze from the ocean. Or set up your campfire and have some grill of fresh catch.

Photo of little JC Jane

The way to white pebble beach

The community

The white pebble beach resort

The Bicol Shell Museum

The White pebble coastline and the waters

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