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Experience the Philippines with Salibungot Beach

The shore line of Salibungot beach is painted with a golden fine sand that definitely make it unique. Its golden sand complements the crystal turquoise water. Locals friendly  makes this place a package for a total escape from the bustle city life.

Where is Salibungot Beach?

Salibungot Beach sits 82 kilometers away from the shore of Real in the province of Quezon. It's shoreline sits in the southwestern edge of Jomalig island facing the Lamon Bay of Polilio group of island.

What to do in Salibungot Beach?

It's crystal clear turquoise blue sea water is perfect for snorkeling or simply enjoying a swim. While pine trees that provides natural shade is perfect to just relax and feel the cool breeze of the Pacific Ocean. And Salibungot golden fine sand is perfect for some sand activity but laying without a mat is not recommended. Sand mite is lurking under its beautiful golden fine sand. This tiny monster is the only downfall of this paradise. 

Salibungot Beach Photo's:

Once called a tent city Salibungot.

Low tide at the golden fine sand beach of Quezon province.

The view of the Salibungot Beach as a whole.

Foot prints on the golden coastline.

Flag let stand on the shoreline.

Sunset and the silhouette of a woman.

Park Banca near the coastline.

A kiss to a golden shore.

Knee deep crystal clear water of Salibungot Beach

How to get in Salibungot Beach?

The nearest jump off point to the island from Manila is in Real, which is 3 hours away by private van. From the port in Real to Jomalig, boat rides can take 5 to 6 hours long passing through Lamon Bay, a large body of water connecting the southern part of Quezon province to the Pacific Ocean.
Everyone will fall in love with the fine, golden sand; clear waters; clear blue skies; great people and breathtaking views. 

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