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Kalanggaman Island: Virgin Beach of the Philippines

Kalanggaman Island posses one the most beautiful beach in the Philippines. The island is known for pristine water, powdery white sand and long stretch of white sand bars across. The other side of the island is rocky and the opposite side is white sand.

To protect the charm of the Island, local government of Palompon restrict the area for the development of private resort and limits a number of visitor to 500 tourist per day. Also restaurants is not available in the island but fresh catch from local fishermen is available to buy. There are available cooking area and wooden tables for you to enjoy your fresh catch. Since, no restaurant its better to bring in your own food, beverages, and drinking water.

For those who want an overnight stay in the island, overnight camping is allowed. Besides huts and cottages are available for rent. And for your security concern, the local government of Palompon has establish a police station in the Island. Clean restrooms and shower areas are also available for your comfortable visit. But electricity is absent.

Kalanggaman Island Random Photo:

The log laying on the soft white powdery sand of Kalanggaman Island.

The opposite site of the Island, bit rocky.

Sunrise view at the Kalanggaman Island

Sunset and a girl silhouette!

A Beautiful sunset view at Kalanggaman Island.

 The tepee house, ideal place to enjoy some overnight stay.

Tree House at the rear part of Kalanggaman Island

Where is Kalanggaman Island?
Situated in the municipality of Palompon in the province of Leyte, Philippines

Best Time to visit Kalanggaman Island.
Summer season is the best time to visit the Island. However, you can still visit the island from October to June. But avoid rainy season which is commonly start from the months of July to September.

Permits and Registration Kalanggaman Island?
Registration is mandatory at Palompon Ecotours Office. The office is located in front of Liberty Park near the Municipal Hall of Palompon.

What to do in Kalanggaman Island?
The most common activities while your in the island are swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, aqua-biking, scuba diving, and camping.

How to get in Kalanggaman Island
From Metro Manila, book a cheap flights either to Tacloban City, to Ormoc City, to Cebu City.

From Cebu, by boat going to Ormoc City, or bus to Bogo City then take a boat ride to either  to Palompon or you can go straight to Kalanggaman Island. There is a daily boat trips from Cebu City to Palompon vise versa.

From Malapascua Island, some two-hour boat ride going to the island.

From Tacloban to the town proper of Palompon can be reached by a three-hour travel by land. From Polompon Leyte, and a boat ride to Kalanggaman Island.

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