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Muffin Peak and Chalet Peak Trekking and camping

The constant movement of city life begs an adventurer’s soul to seek refuge in the quiet. And what better way to temporarily escape it than to enjoy nature from its highest point? So, I picked up my travel bag and brace myself for an adventure of encountering nature in its roughest beauty.

Camping and trekking have been on my to-do list ever since I decided to quench my thirst for adventure. Nature has always fascinated me. There is so much to discover in the untamed woods and the raging seas and I don’t want to miss any of it. So, here I am trying to conquer my dreams in the hopes of unraveling more of nature’s mysteries.

Muffin Peak Trekking and camping

The first time I heard the place to where we’re headed, I found myself thinking, “Oh, that’s a cute name for a place. Must be some safe and nice destination to go.” How wrong could I have been?

Our journey kicked off in Tribu Hubo. I met other campers and trekkers there. We were complete strangers with one common destination in mind. So, off we go to trudge our way to Muffin Peak.

We hired a local tour guide to help us in our journey. It turns out that Muffin Peak is not a famous spot for adventurers, locals and tourists alike. It’s a hidden location only known to a few locals. Its name doesn’t exude the same allure as the infamous Osmena Peak. I find that idea appealing, considering that I’ll be one of the few people to step foot on this mountain and to marvel at its wonder.

As expected of a mountainous adventure, it is an obvious challenge to trek. The trekking path that we were following was lush with vegetation. Twigs and curling vines often got caught in our shoes. The road is also narrow and steep.The light rain in our heads didn’t help much of our situation either. It became slippery which made it a feat to move forward at a good distance from our starting point.

Our kind tour guide informed us that it would take an hour to get to the Muffin Peak. An hour on foot with this kind of path ahead of us. Will we be able to reach the peak before it gets dark?

Our group decided that we had already traveled a good distance and suggested to take a break. It was already noon, so lunch was something we easily agreed on. We unpacked our food and had an unplanned picnic. It was a good spot for a stopover as well. There was a small waterfall near us and we can clearly hear its gushing waters. The sound we’re hearing is so relaxing that the pains we initially felt in the earlier part of the journey seem to fade.

We continued our journey once we had our stomachs full. It was pretty much the same view. Trees, grass and the occasional livestock greet us as we progress towards our destination. My knees were close to giving up at this point because the path proved to get tougher as we gain distance.

After a few grueling hours, we had finally reached the Muffin Peak! We started trekking at 9 in the morning and ended up in Muffin Peak at around 2 in the afternoon. Imagine the painstaking traveling we had to go through to get to this amazing place!

Muffin Peak is a beauty. The scenery that is spread before us is breathtaking. The blue sky kisses the tops of the green forests. The air up there was so much better than we’re usually used to.

We were snapping photos from left to right. We all had sweat on our faces and dust in our shoes, but we can’t deny the exhilaration we’re all feeling after completing this journey. As cliche as it is, we can say that the journey was worth it.

Chalet Peak Trekking and camping

Conquering an impossible feat like the Muffin Peak gave us a boost of confidence to conquer another, so we headed for Chalet Peak.

Chalet Peak is located somewhere near Temple of Leah. It is also an inconspicuous mountain location. But with all the trouble we had gone through, this one seems ordinary for us.

We decided to crash at Chalet Peak to have an overnight camping. Tents were erected. Supplies were gathered to share with everyone. But it seems that Nature is against us. The rain started pouring in heavy sheets, dousing everything. We decided to retreat inside our respective tents and wait out the rain. It turned out that it lasted longer than we expected, but everyone was fine despite the storm wrecking around us.

It would have been nice if we had the chance to enjoy the camping experience. Building a campfire and sharing stories would have been a good memory. But there’s always a next time for everything and hopefully, we can make a camping memory we won’t forget.

Returning to the Buzzing City Life

After battling the forces of nature and experiencing its beauty first hand, it’s time to plunge again into the constant murmurs of the city.

The Muffin Peak and Chalet Peak was quite the experience. It provided me the temporary solace that I needed. These magnificent peaks are not far away from the heart of the city which makes it more convenient. It is good to know that when the going gets tough, there’s always a place I can go.

One takeaway from this trip that I want to share with everyone is to find time to indulge your adventurous spirit. Look for places near you where you can commune with nature. A breather is always good for you. A gust of wind in your cheeks and a mud in your shoes are only some of the simplest pleasures in life that you can enjoy without being too far away from your comfort.

If you are planning to go there at muffin peak for trekking and camping in chalet peak. You must wear and bring these things.

What to wear?
-comfortable shirts, hiking pants and hiking waterproof shoes or comfy hiking shoes.
-cap if you want to hide your face away from sunlight.

What to bring?
-small day rucksack bag
-lunch pack and dinner foods
-jacket or blanket to save from cold

How to get there?
Trekkers have two options in reaching out the peak either from Guadalupe Mt. babag or busay Mt. boccaue trail. If you don't know the way to go better hire a tour guide just like what we did.

We started from Guadalupe church to Mt. Babag to Chalet peak.

Note: There's no entrance fee.

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