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10 things you are actually wrong about Sirao Flower Garden

Sirao flower garden houses hundreds of different instagramable tropical flower and beautiful structure. Situated in Brgy. Sirao, Cebu city. People have call it little Amsterdam of Cebu, which I think all wrong. Because according to wikipedia, Amsterdam is known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. It doesn't tell known for variety of tropical flower and celosia, a small genus of edible and ornamental plants in the amaranth family, which populated the whole Sirao Flower Garden.

Expected Scenery on Sirao Flower Garden!

Cosmos, pine tree and the wind mill overlooking the rolling hills of Brgy. Sirao in Cebu City. 
Blooming celosia flower, windmill and the heart shape selfie corner for lovers and couples. 
Wind mill, granary, blooming dahlia, celosia flower and some greens in the background. It's an eye refreshing and relaxing.
 Blooming violets, wind mill and some greens in the back ground overlooking to the rolling hills of Sirao.
Another beautiful view and selfie corner or a view deck, I guess. This pink bloom flower is not known to me. Some people told me this are spider flowering plant.

Statue of flamingo, a fountain and an overlooking Sirao mountain range is what I see in the photo above. It's great view even the sun won't shine bright that day.

Celosia flowering plants, overlooking view of the Sirao Mountains and statue of risen man.

Windmill, barn granary, blooming celosia, blooming daisy, and some kamantigue plant is what in this photo. Really beautiful and majestic.

 Not much in this angle, it's just a giant mushroom and a windmill plus an overlooking view of the Sirao, Mountains.

The pathway are pave and nicely decorated. However, some path way remains un-decorated yet. Probably soon they finished.

Since Christmas is in the air,  Sirao Flower Garden added this scenery for selfie with the giant bear or belen, I guess.

Things that you are actually wrong about Sirao Flower Farm.

50 Pesos Entrance Fee
Sirao Flower Garden have announce that effective last December 1, 2018 they will be increasing entrance fee from 50 pesos per head to 100 pesos per head and senior citizens get will get a 20% off or discount.

Add another 4,000 sqaure meters of more celosia flower beds

Entrance fee increases, so does the garden. This year the garden have extended an additional 4,000 sqaure meters of more flower beds with new flowers.

Additional selfie corners

Aside from new flower bed they also built huge instagramable windmill, souvenir shops, the big Shoe and plus additional selfie corners. Oh, it's Christmas! This one is the new selfie corner, I guess.

Scenic European hills and mountain.

Even how much effort they strive, they wont really get you to enjoy the scenic European hills and mountain. Because, you are here on top of Sirao mountain located in Cebu.

Sirao Garden 2nd Garden
Sirao 2nd garden in located in Brgy Sirao. Few steps down after the 1st garden.

Don't go there when it's raining 
This is a self-taught, I guess. It gets muddy. No one will enjoying the scenery and a good walk when it's raining.

Go on weekdays, there are less people.

Another self-taught, none will enjoy watching back of another person next to you. Plus you can't do selfie unlimited.

Wear comfy shoes, the place is hilly.
Another self-taught, I guess.

Ask first if flowers are in bloom before going.
Otherwise, there's not much to see. Another self-taught, I guess.

Went viral in social media last Oct. 2015
Sirao was once went viral on facebook last October 2015. Before Sirao flower garden not actually a theme park, its just small flower farm that converted into a theme park after it went viral on social media.

How to get in Sirao Flower Garden?

Driving a car:
The garden is located at Brgy. Sirao, Cebu City. Going Sirao Flower Farm driving your own vehicle can save you from the hassle of transferring between vehicle to vehicle and can save you from spending of money. Landmark will be Ayala Heights, take a right turn to Sirao Flower Farm. Why don't you just navigate with Waze or Google Maps and pin your location to “Sirao Flower Garden”. Parking fee is ₱50.

Hire habal-habal:
From J.Y. Square Mall, take a habal-habal that will take you directly to Sirao Flower Farm for ₱300 each roundtrip, good for 2 persons already. The driver may ask you for additional waiting fee of ₱100-200 per hour depending on your haggling talent. The ride will take 30-45 minutes to get there.

From the Ayala Cebu PUV Terminal, you can ride a v-hire going to Sirao for ₱50 /head (one-way). Ask the driver to drop you off near Sirao Flower Garden. From there, ride a habal-habal going to the flower garden but it may take time to find one from this point, fare is ~₱20-30 /head.


Somehow, Sirao flower garden it's an amazing place! There are hundreds but not thousands of flower grow there plus the view is overlooking the rolling hill. You pay 100 pesos for entrance and another for parking fee, I think it's fair.

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