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Travel Destination and Place that actually you do not know exist in Tarlac!

You're in Tarlac and looking for a place to pray, to reflect, to just hang out, to race around, to eat authentic Filipino dishes, to get rid of unhappy thoughts, anger, depression, exasperation and desperation, or to learn a slice of people power and world war II history. Then you're in the exact place for all of that. Below are travel destination and place that actually you do not know exist in Tarlac!

Monasterio de Tarlac

Statue of the Risen Christ

Monasterio de Tarlac is a home to Sacred Relic of The True Cross and a Statue of the Risen Christ. Located on top of San Jose mountain, 35 kilometers away from Tarlac City or an around 45 mins to 1 hour drive on a narrow paved road with some beautiful scenery and greens on the way. The drive going uphill is easy and full of expectations. However, there is one slope at the end which is really steep.

View on the mountain top is truly majestic and breathtaking. The place is surrounded with trees, shrubs and an over-look view of flowing river from the mountain is pretty much like in Disney fairy tale.

The statue of the Risen Christ reminiscent of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. But unlike the one in Rio de Janeiro Risen Christ in Tarlac is facing the mountain view. It is the picture subject of these place which enticed tourist to come visit this place. Probably the way it face the mountain range is meaningful or something. On the other hand, the Sacred Relic of the Holy Cross was enshrined in the golden box at the altar. To get near Sacred Relic of the Holy Cross the you need stood in line for about an hour after the mass.

Souvenirs for your "PASALUBONG" is available in store of religious artifact. Snacks and local dish is also available in the canteen. However, if you want save money you can bring your own "BAON" food.

Truly, this is place where you can find peace, a great place for praying and reflect. Thanks to Fr. Cortez, founder of the Risen Christ Monastic Community who made it all possible.

Kart City Tarlac

go kart city tarlac

It might not be on you're wish list but since your in Tarlac why not give it a try. Kart City Tarlac is a perfect place for those who love speed and race around, I guess. It comes with wide track as you would expect in an outdoor track. They also have lots of outdoor seating, lots of an indoor space for those who want only to hang out for anything and wide parking area.

In fact one of my friend from England pleasantly surprised that this place, Kart City Tarlac is as good as the one on England, if not much better. There Kart comes with decent specs where you can go really fast with them. However, some people told me that a 250 pesos for 5 minutes is bit pricey, for me since you can drive a few laps in that given time, I guess price is fair. There is also bar inside where you can play Billiards, Karaoke, Darts, Chill out, and Listen to Live Music for very reasonable price. They also serve various foods from classic Filipino favorites to western eats such as pizza, pasta, fries, tacos, BBQ and more.

Truly Kart City Tarlac, is a fun place for family date and have some drinks, eats and dare to do speed.

Isdaan Village

Isdaan Village and floating restaurant in gerona tarlac

Not so long ago, Isdaan Village was started the concept of throwing a ceramic dishware to get rid of unhappy thoughts, anger, depression, exasperation or desperation. It was called "Takshapu".

Isdaan Village is located in the long stretch of Gerona, Tarlac national highway. The place is spacoius rural ambiance featuring nipa hut dining floating in the middle of fresh water man made pond. The bamboo finish cottages, ponds and water gardens is truly relaxing.

They serve authentic Filipino dishes such as fried or grilled fish (tilapia and hito), fried chicken, crabs and Shrimps, calamares, vegetable tempura, lumpia (vegetable and shanghai) with a side dish of green mango and bagoong. Tinupig chicken is must try and highly recommended. You also have an option catching your own meal in the pond to fried or to grilled, usually it's "Tilapia or Hito". While enjoying your meal, a group of performer will sing for your requested song of course you need to pay for the service. 

In my opinion, Isdaan Village is a must visit place when in Tarlac. I can assured that you will enjoy the hospitality of Tarlacaneous.

Aquino Center and Museum

Aquino Center and Museum

Looking for something to learn about Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino past life in politics from being the youngest mayor at age of 22 and youngest Senator at age of 34, his solitary confinement at Fort Magsaysay, his assassination at the Manila International Airport and the inspiring movement of the People Power that lead Cory Aquino to become the 11th President of the Philippines. Then Aquino Center and Museum is your one stop destination.

Aquino Center and Museum houses Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino actual blood-stained clothes, his actual 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit while they were living in exile in Boston, photos of his open-casket and some memorabilia of the late Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino and the late President Corazon Aquino.

Aquino Center and Museum is located at Luisita Industrial Park Road, San Miguel, Tarlac City, right beside Microtel Wyndham Luisita near Robinson's Tarlac.

Bamban Museum of History

Bamban World War II Museum of History

Tarlac keep its own war history and it houses inside Bamban Museum of History. Located at Rizal Avenue (Old MacArthur Highway), Lourdes, Bamban, Tarlac. The museum exhibits historical information of Second World War in the region. Therefore, expect an actual World War II artifacts such as WWII military uniforms guns, photographs, helmets, guns, bloodied flags, aircraft machine guns, grenades, bombs and other memorabilia. Thank to Rhonie dela Cruz a man who founded and bring to life museum to life.

If your from Tarlac or visiting Tarlac for a reason, all of the above destination listed in this blogpost is a must visit. I guarantee you, you worth it. If not good, probably it's better.

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